Woodworking in the great white north.

Gifts for the workshop

As I try and ponder how to get some content here and what that content should be, I can’t help but think that the place to start is in the workshop.  Given the endless list of ‘what did you get for Christmas for your workshop?’ discussions on pretty much every blog I read, I thought I’d slip back a couple of months and give my own thoughts on this.

Getting gifts for the workshop from non-woodworkers can sometimes be…well…difficult.  How do you politely say that you don’t REALLY need a set of chisels from the dollar store?  How do you politely NOT say “what I really want are these awesome Japanese chisels that start at $150 each?”

I think we can all agree that as we become more established our tastes, wants and needs for woodworking becoming something that only other woodworkers can appreciate and virtually none of us can justify or afford, as hobbyists.

So what happens when, on Christmas day, your 9 year old brings you ‘a gift for your workshop?’

You stifle your anxiety, try not to get your hopes up that it is actually a box full of Lee Valley gift cards and put on a smile and dive in hoping for the best.


…if you’re me…

….you choke back the emotions when you see that your Wife and Daughter made something that you would never have thought of to make your shop a nicer place to be….custom curtains!

Workshop curtains
Best gift I can get for the workshop

What gift could be better for a workshop?  Considering as well that the previous pale blue floral curtains were entirely too hideous to show in any sort of before and after picture.

Naturally this is something I would never think of…with all the tools out there to buy and the jigs, storage and fun projects to make for the workshop, this one never crossed my mind.

Now, every time I go into the shop now, I am reminded that my wife and daughter spent time and effort sewing, drawing, painting and trying to make my place of refuge a brighter and happier place in which to enjoy my hobby time.  I am extremely lucky to have the encouragement and support of my family to indulge me in this addiction.


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