Woodworking in the great white north.

Workshop = a shop that requires work

I have this vision of having a workshop that is neat, clean, organized with everything close at hand when I need it and never having to search for anything.

My vision is kinda blurry I guess.  I do wear glasses! 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, I find it incredibly satisfying to go out in the workshop and see the need to reorganize something.  Usually this happens when I add something new to the workshop but sometimes happens when I realize that I’ve moved something at least a dozen times in my last three or four trips to the workshop.

I’m beginning to realize that this is something that I’m probably going to have to live with on an ongoing basis.  I get some sort of perverse enjoyment out of pulling everything out of a cabinet and putting it back in a ‘better’ order.

Recently this got somewhat out of hand (and I swear that tomorrow I’ll finish cleaning up and get back to doing woodworking). 

First…I’ve been working on dust collection.  Not hoarding dust…just trying to get it out of the workshop.  With a new dust collector in hand, I wanted to build a separator and rig things up so that I would actually use it! 

While doing this, I inherited a small base cabinet from the laundry room that would fit nicely where that pile of miscellaneous stuff currently sits.  This just meant cutting down a new counter for it and clearing some space.  This meant finding a home for the other stuff that I probably don’t need anymore.  No room in the shop, so it migrated to the garage where I’ve tripped over it twice so far.

Just before I could cut down the counter top for it, my table saw died.  It was old and cheap…so the opportunity to upgrade set upon me like a plague.  So now I have to modify the bench/outfeed to accomodate a new big Ridgid table saw.  This is fine, but the fence rails stick too far to one side, so I have to do a quick modification for that.

So, now I’ve got my bench/outfood partially deconstructed, a big new saw in the middle of the floor, a half integrated base cabinet and a partially installed dust collection system.  Oh ya, along with the actual project I’m working on…and the project my buddy is working on.

Slowly but surely these things are getting back to normal and I’m getting closer to having the shop slightly better than it was before. 

Maybe I’ll get a chance to work on some woodworking this weekend rather than working on the workshop….but then again, I did want to get the glues and finishes out of the boxes they’re in and into a more permanent place in the workshop….

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