Woodworking in the great white north.

Wood Talk Online last night and The Woodwhisperer live feed today.

Aside from the occasional glance at a woodworking magazine’s website, until relatively recently, I didn’t look for WW content on the internet.  It was when I stumbled across the Wood Talk Online podcast that I started to realize the amount of stuff out there and how awesome and supportive the community is.  I’ll give credit to (ie blame) Matt and Marc for planting the seed to get me started in this online community.

After a couple of failed attempts to sit in on the live chat for Wood Talk Online I was finally able to make it on last night.  As much as I love listening to the podcast, this was a totally different experience.  Looking up the things being referenced throughout the show and reading the banter in the chat made for a must more participatory experience.  Though…some of the chatting did take me back to a uhhhh highschool?  Well…in a good way, sort of.  I got my fix of guy humour.

As fun as that was, I saw that Marc was turning the cameras on in the shop while he’s working on a build for a client.  Today, while pretending to work very hard at my desk, I vicariously watched Marc work away at this chest.  Given that I work in an office and have limited time in the shop, this was a very cool way of getting my woodworking fix (without the dust.)

I’ve got to commend Marc for this.  This is an awesome way to share the work that he’s doing and just the act of watching someone doing woodworking (unedited) lets you see how other people work and see the time and patience that goes into doing this work for the work’s sake.

Now…if I can balance the time between wanting to do woodworking and wanting to finish up home renovations I”ll be in good shape.  So far…home renovations are winning out.

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