Woodworking in the great white north.


As much as I’d like to be in the workshop building something out of wood, I find that much of my time is being eaten up by repairs, renovations and general maintenance on our 60 year old house.  So, why not blog about that since the woodworking side of things is taking a backseat?

The main job right now is a renovation of our laundry/furnace room.

Why we’re doing it:  shortly after buying the house we found that previous tenants had let mice live in the basement ceiling…so a major basement renovation took place, cleaning out the whole space.  The laundry room took a backseat to the rest of the living space, and so it sat for a few years.  In the meantime, a drainage problem outside started a problem with water getting into the basement laundry room.  This forced our hands a little further, pulling up all of the peel and stick tiles and eventually the ugly plastic tiles that were all crumbling after intermittent flooding in the laundry room.

We finally decided to focus on this and try and get it done right.

What we have to do:

– fix the drainage problems outside (done last year)

– gut the rest of the laundry room and assess what has to be done in terms of repairs (done earlier this year)

– repair the studs that were water damaged, replacing them with those new fangled blue boards (done a few weeks ago)

– remove the tar-like mastic that held the bottom layer of tiles to the floor (done a few weeks ago with great pain and suffering)

– etch the floor to take a mortar bond (done a few weeks ago)

– install ceramic tiles (done this past weekend, just have to seal the grout and I’m done!)

– rewire some of the lighting and outlets (done a couple of weeks ago)

Now…what else is coming in the near future:

– install a laundry chute from the upstairs linen closet

– install a proper dryer vent (means I get to buy a hammer drill…yay!)

– rework the plumbing for the sink and the washer

– insulate the ceiling and install the ceiling tiles (drop ceiling)

– insulate the walls and install drywall

– replace the existing window with a new one

– make custom cabinets (lots of them!!!…ergo, more time in the workshop)

– install the cabinets and sink

– install trim and paint

It never ceases to amaze me how a few words ‘renovate the laundry room’ can actually translate into so much work!  I’m not sure how long this is actually going to take to complete, but it should be nice when it’s done.

I’ll be sure to come back with a before picture and maybe some interim pictures of the progress to date.

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