Woodworking in the great white north.

Father’s day gift

Earlier this year, my wife and I had agreed that we’d make gift giving between the two of us a bit more low-key this year as we’d gone out and bought his and hers kayaks. As a result, I had really expected a minimalist approach to Father’s day.

So, Sunday morning my 9 year old daughter came bouncing into the bedroom with a parcel and a card. Amongst the small things that I had figured would make up the minimalist approach that my wife and I had agreed upon, was a wrapped package that looked about the size, weight and feel of a magazine.

I carefully tore into the wrapping paper (following the explicit instructions of my daughter – “tear it open Daddy….oh, but be careful too”). To my delight I found myself presented with the latest issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine. I have a penchant for woodworking magazines and have scaled back to a Fine Woodworking subscription which I eagerly dive into when it arrives….so I was thrilled to have a bonus magazine in my hands.

I was then told that there was something else in the magazine that I had to find. I carefully flipped page after page looking for a clue. When I reached the last page I found an IOU card strategically placed on the back leaf of the magazine partially obscuring an advertisement for Woodworking In America 2010.

I guess I talk a lot more about these things than I realize, as the IOU was there to cover an all expense paid trip to Woodworking in America in Cincinnati. I was completely bowled over by this. I had joked around about going, to the point of determining that the shortest route from Toronto is about a 9 hour drive. I think I spent most of the day in a bit of a daze, as I don’t think it really sunk in right away that I was actually going to go. It may seem ridiculous but I view something like this as a very selfish guilty pleasure.

By mid-afternoon, I could not resist taking the time to go online and register. Even throughout the act of filling in the registration I had a feeling of being in a dream that I was about to wake up from. I pinched myself just to make sure.

All that said, I am now enrolled in all kinds of awesome sessions with the likes of Chris Schwarz, Michael Fortune, Roy Underhill….the list goes on like a who’s who of woodworking.

Now comes the hard part….waiting 3 months for the day to come when I get to embark on a weekend adventure in woodworking on a level to which I have never been exposed and hopefully I will take away from it a whole new appreciation for the skills that can be developed in design and execution of woodworking techniques.

This ranks up there as one of the best surprises I’ve ever gotten.

2 responses

  1. Randy

    Congratulations! A great gift, you have a very thoughtful family! Wish I could be there too!

    June 28, 2010 at 10:49 pm

  2. Thanks Randy. I count myself very lucky to have such a supportive family when it comes to this crazy woodworking ‘hobby’.

    June 30, 2010 at 11:43 am

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