Woodworking in the great white north.

Marble Tower – NEXT!!!

Man, where does the time go?  I’ve got a couple of these updates to crank out to wrap up this project before I can get rolling on the next one, which is calling to me.

With the funnel in place and working nicely, I went back to the plans and calculated the space I was supposed to have left below the funnel for the remaining parts.  Ooops….not quite the same number.  I now had to deal with less space than was allocated for the remaining parts.

According to the plans, I was supposed to have a rail from the bottom of the funnel run over to one side, then meet up with a plank that had a routed zigzag down to a bell where it falls into the last stage – a mechanism that alternates marbles between two tracks before rolling across some wheels to rest in the bottom.

After a bunch of procrastinating and a bit of guessing, I figured out that the bell was going to have to come next and the best way to do this was with a little ramp from the bottom of the funnel.

The track from the funnel to the bell is attached directly to the underside of the funnel while the bell is sitting on a dowel coming out of a small strip installed between two of the side rails.  The bell actually has a threaded tube inside that could go onto a bolt, but I was entirely too lazy to go looking for the right one at the big box stores.  The dowel it sits on is tight enough that it’s not coming off by accident.

One more view

And here’s what it sounds like….NEXT!!!!


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