Woodworking in the great white north.

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Ok, so not strictly a woodworking post, but what the heck.  As I crawl through the masses of photos and videos from our trip this Christmas, I see the pitfalls of digital media.  How on earth will I ever get through it all and put it into a format where I’ll actually use it?  Maybe I need to create a home-movie/picture blog  just to keep track of it all.

The main point of the trip was to get some time away from it all with the family, including my parents, which was great.  We can endlessly count our blessings that trips like this are possible, we are very fortunate.  Ok, ok, ok…what would a vacation be without at least a little woodworking content?  I have become ‘one of those people’ who is preoccupied with things like furniture, picture frames, mouldings and trimwork when visiting a place where something of greater significance is meant to be the focal point.  I know you understand me, even if no else does.