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The Northeastern Woodworkers Show 2011

A few months ago Dyami Plotke of The Penultimate Woodshop blog mentioned to me that the Northeastern Woodworkers Association Show was being held in Saratoga Springs, NY on the last weekend of March.  This is one of the great benefits of meeting up with other bloggers at WIA, you find out about stuff like this.  But wait, there’s more!  Not only was the show on, but Dyami’s Dad (Doug) was hosting a dinner in his newly built workshop a short drive away in Greenwich (pronounced Green-witch…not Gren-itch).

Fast forward to a March 25th and Mike Lehikoinen (of the Novice Wood Ramblings  and Antero’s Urban Wood Designs) and I were on the road to Saratoga Springs.  The drive from Toronto ended up being 7-8 hours (with stops to alleviate this crazy back pain I’ve got from a herniated disc…thank you Canadian winter!)  I won’t go on too much about the pitfalls of trusting a GPS device, but sufficed to say that the Appalachians are beautiful, the deer and wind farms are plentiful and people are not!  We got there with only one close call with a daring deer.