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How to build an L-shaped tail vise using Lee Valley hardware

imageOk, it doesn’t have to be L-shaped, but mine is.  The style of vise is similar to the one on Frank Klausz’s bench.  I like these vises despite what has been written about them.  I know that I risk having my vise sag or lift, we’ll see.  I picked up the tail vise hardware from Lee Valley and was surprised to not find instructions.  I was not alone, I found quite a few complaints about this.  Apparently Lee Valley recommends using Frank’s design in The Workbench book…which I don’t have.  No problem, I like a good puzzle.  I did find a good detailed article in the March/April 2003 issue of Fine Woodworking.  Read that article for some really good details…or read my simplified version.


The workbench build begins

I’ve been following along watching a few people build their benches as part of The Woodwhisperer Guild Build and decided to take a stab at doing my own detailed SketchUp plan for my bench.  I was pleasantly surprised to find the process of building a bench in SketchUp highlighted a lot of errors in my design.  I’m quite glad that I avoided finding this during the building process…but these were a rather painful lesson in using SketchUp.  C’est la vie…it’s all good, I know more about SketchUp than I did before…just enough to make me dangerous without making
me competent.


So you want to be a woodworker?

Interested in woodworking?  It’s “Get Woodworking Week!”  Thinking you should take the leap and start collecting…err..buying the tools you need?  Here’s a little primer on getting started in woodworking and what you REALLY need to know to fit in to the woodworking world.  (more…)