Woodworking in the great white north.


Getting back in the shop.

While I haven’t entirely been gone from the shop for the past 3 or 4 years, life has gotten in the way of quite a few things, shop time not being the least of them.  Without going into all the details, the last three years included getting divorced, changing jobs, selling and packing up a house, buying and setting up a new house, aging and ailing parents and getting a dog.  I highly recommend getting a dog…the rest, not so much.  Such is life, not to be pitied, rued or regretted, rather to learn from and grow.

In spite of the chaos I’ve still managed to build a few things that might be blog worthy, so the first order of business is to get caught up.  What’s in store?  My workshop has been downsized, presenting several challenges and moving me closer to being an unplugged woodworker.  Closer, but not unplugged entirely.  Tools, including new ones from kits for the shop and the kitchen.  Gifts, many of them turned.  Furniture, just the tip of the iceberg so far but much more to come as I start building more for the home.  Handtool cabinets to help my journey into handtool Zen paradise.  Lastly I have many home renovation projects to do, but most of these will not involve woodworking beyond basic carpentry and will only likely get passing mention.

I’m eager to get back at it and hope that some of it will help inspire you to get out into the shop as well.



Ok, so not strictly a woodworking post, but what the heck.  As I crawl through the masses of photos and videos from our trip this Christmas, I see the pitfalls of digital media.  How on earth will I ever get through it all and put it into a format where I’ll actually use it?  Maybe I need to create a home-movie/picture blog  just to keep track of it all.

The main point of the trip was to get some time away from it all with the family, including my parents, which was great.  We can endlessly count our blessings that trips like this are possible, we are very fortunate.  Ok, ok, ok…what would a vacation be without at least a little woodworking content?  I have become ‘one of those people’ who is preoccupied with things like furniture, picture frames, mouldings and trimwork when visiting a place where something of greater significance is meant to be the focal point.  I know you understand me, even if no else does. 

Happy Holidays everyone

Just a quick note to wish all of you a very happy holiday season. This year has been a blast from a woodworking point of view.
A few highlights:
– finally finishing the marble tower
– starting this blog
– joining The Woodwhisperer Guild and The Hand Tool School
– attending WIA
– meeting so many like minded woodworkers throughout the year
– building my first hand plane

Last but not least
– realizing that having pretty much all the power tools I need doesn’t mean I’m done shopping…hand tools have found new ways to open my mind and my wallet.

I’ll be incommunicado for a couple of weeks while I try to recharge my own batteries in preparation for a whole new year of excitement and new experiences.

Thank you all for following along and participating in my online adventures.

Have a happy and safe holiday and cheers to a new year of woodworking!


Tool addiction poll

Since I started woodworking, I’ve found my tool addiction has changed from time to time. Lately I’ve found myself torn between getting more premium hand tools, making my own tools and looking for bargain ‘old users’ in flea markets/etc. Don’t get me wrong, I still like the smell of new power tools, but more and more I’m justifying the cost of a good hand tool. Years ago this would have been ludicrous…$80 for a chisel? I can get 10 for $5 at the bargain store! How little I knew….or, how much I’ve been pulled to the dark side.

So…where are you in your journey through tool addiction?