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A wonderful gift – carver’s carving kit

This weekend, I received a gift I cannot put a price on.  I was given a carver’s woodcarving kit.  This is not something you purchase at Lee Valley, Woodcraft or Lie-Nielsen.  This is a carving set built up over time by a person of simple means with a passion for woodcarving.

A bit of history.  I have a neighbour, in his 80’s who along with his ‘girlfriend’ (also in her 80’s, a very cute story for another time perhaps) who have adopted my family as their own (figuratively).  For many years he did a lot of woodworking, building rocking horses and framed mirrors which he sold at fairs.  His girlfriend did a lot of woodburning and woodcarving.  Along with her husband, they were key members of the Ontario Woodcarvers.  We visit back and forth and talk often about woodworking.