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Roubo Frame Saw from the Hand Tool School

Years ago my world of woodworking opened up significantly when I began using lumber that came from a mill.  What was the big difference?  I could mill the wood!  I had bought a planer and jointer and could now clean up all that beautiful rough sawn lumber in seemingly endless varieties and dimensions.  I believe this type of milestone has happened once again.  This time, it also has to do with milling lumber, but in this instance it has to do with resawing.  I have struggled with resawing lumber into thinner panels and veneers for most of my woodworking journey.  I have tried aggressive rip saws, table saws and yes, my puny little bandsaw that just isn’t quite strong enough for the task on anything but pine and basswood….on a good day. (more…)

Hand Tool School – winding sticks project

I’ve gotten onto two kicks recently. The first is making tools from scratch or from kits (since I’m lazy), the second being developing my hand tool skills. So it was appropriate that signing up for Shannon Rogers’ (The Renaissance Woodworker) Virtual Hand Tool School led to our first assignment delivering on both of these. 

This first assignment is intended to build skills in planing down some rough stock to a flat, co-planar board as well as some basic chisel technique. I won’t delve too much into the details of ‘how’ you do these things (join us at school if you want to learn it first hand…it is worth it) but I will talk about my personal take on the experience.