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Marking tools from kits

Czeck Edge tools (see the link to the right) has a number of kits for making some basic essential marking tools.  I picked up kits for the scratch awl, large marking knife and medium marking knife.  A while ago I posted about the design that I would use for the handles, as essentially these kits are each turning projects to make a handle and glue in the pieces.

The process for each is more or less the same.  Get an appropriately sized blank, drill a hole for the blade to be glued into, turn a shoulder for the ferrule the sit on and then shape handle itself.  Once you’re done turning, you just epoxy the blade and ferrule in place.  Easy peasey. (more…)

Hock Shoulder Plane Kit – part II

I shot part II of the assembly video after the fact, once the glue had dried up, there really wasn’t much to do.

A quick pass with the band saw and I had the final shape of the plane ready for a quick bit of sanding.  The sanding process involved cleaning up the bandsaw marks, flattening the sides as they were slightly uneven.  The sole needed a quick pass with sandpaper, while holding the plane up against a square block of wood.

Hock Shoulder Plane Kit

While at Woodworking In America, I had the pleasure of talking with Ron Hock  for a bit. While I was most impressed with his $1 wooden planes (balsawood with wings) I was equally impressed by the kits he had for a shoulder plane and a Krenov style plane. I ended up buying both…ok, you got me, I bought the balsawood plane too.

I explained to Ron that I was new to tools without tails and he handed me a small wooden plane and encouraged me to try it. It felt awesome to hold and having played a bit with metal body planes I was surprised at how much more you can finesse a wooden plane. That was when he told me that the plane I was using (my first wooden plane experience) was a Krenov plane….made by Krenov himself. Not bad for a first experience.