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Marking tools from kits

Czeck Edge tools (see the link to the right) has a number of kits for making some basic essential marking tools.  I picked up kits for the scratch awl, large marking knife and medium marking knife.  A while ago I posted about the design that I would use for the handles, as essentially these kits are each turning projects to make a handle and glue in the pieces.

The process for each is more or less the same.  Get an appropriately sized blank, drill a hole for the blade to be glued into, turn a shoulder for the ferrule the sit on and then shape handle itself.  Once you’re done turning, you just epoxy the blade and ferrule in place.  Easy peasey. (more…)

Marking knife and scratch awl design

I picked up a couple of Czeck Edge Tools kits for making a scratch awl and two different sized marking knives.

Where these types of kits are concerned, I like the fact that I have a more personal attachment to the tool, a say in how it is designed and naturally the cost savings (given I work for free when it’s for me).

I’ve got three blanks picked out to make the handles for these tools and have to resist the temptation to just go out there and turn a fancy handle and slap it together.  If I’m going to use these tools on a regular basis, I really want the handles to be more ergonomic that pretty.