Woodworking in the great white north.


SavedPicture-201371820178.jpgA workbench is the centerpoint of the workshop.  I’ve worked with a makeshift workbench that I would characterize as an assembly bench primarily as it had very little in the way of workholding ability.  This page is dedicated to the evolution of the workbench in my workshop.

What my workshop looked like when I started the blog – includes pictures of my assembly/outfeed bench.

Workbench redesign – analysis of the bench – a look at my original bench (pre hand tool)

Workbench redesign – location, location, location – early thoughts on workshop layout with a handtool bench

The Northeastern Woodworkers Show 2011 – slideshow of benches on display at the show

2012 is the year of the workbench – thoughts on workbenches.

The Petite 21st Century Split Top Roubo Plus – workbench design

The workbench build begins – design and lumber.

How to build an L-shaped tailvise using Lee Valley hardware – vise design/building

Workbench Endcaps – finishing up the front slab assembly

Installing the tail vise – final installation of the vise hardware

Workbench base – milling, joining and drawboring the base structure

Leg vise design and experimentation – experimenting with St. Peter’s cross and building my glide leg vise

Front vise installation – adding a front vise to the back slab of the workbench

Slabs installed on the base – securing the slabs in place on the base

Flattening the bench top – method for router flattening a bench

Trays and lower shelf – building trays/tool holders and installing the shelf

Sliding deadman – building a board jack into the workbench

Workbench finishing – final touches and the actual oil/varnish/thinner finish gets applied

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  2. I really like these types of sites since i can find out about my passion woodworking and building game tables..

    October 26, 2016 at 6:04 am

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